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Tragedy Interrupted

A Pardoned Man's Mission to Dismantle the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Michael Phillips

About Tragedy Interrupted

The unforgettable true story of one man's escape from the school-to-prison pipeline, how he reinvented himself as a pastor and education reform advocate, and what his journey can teach us about interrupting the tragedies all around us.

Michael Phillips would never become anything. At least, that's what he was told. It seemed like everyone was waiting for him to just fall through the cracks. After losing his father, suffering a life-altering car accident, and losing his college scholarship, Michael turned to selling drugs to make ends meet. But when his house was raided, he was arrested and thrown into a living nightmare.

Then tragedy was interrupted. The judge gave him a choice--go to a special college program for adjudicated youth or face the possibility of a thirty-year prison sentence. It wasn't hard to pick.

From that choice, a mission was born--to help change the system that shuffles so many young Black men like Michael straight from school to prison. Today, Michael is the pastor of a thriving church, a local leader in Baltimore, and a member of the Maryland State Board of Education. He discovered that education was the path to becoming who he was created to be.

Armed with research, statistics, and his powerful story, Michael tackles the embedded privilege of the education system and introduces ideas for change that could level the playing field. He shares programs, policies, processes, and resources that have helped to dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline. He explores ways in which the readers can help advocate and provide resources for students, and points us to the one thing anyone can start doing, no matter who we are or what our role is: speak into young kids' lives. Tell them of their inherent worth and purpose.

In this inspiring, thought-provoking, and energizing call to action, Michael's practical steps provide a way forward to anyone wanting to interrupt tragedy for young people around them.

About Michael Phillips

Michael Phillips is the senior pastor of Kingdom Life Church, a non-denominational congregation in Baltimore, Maryland. KLC touches lives through more than fifty outreach ministries. Phillips currently serves as the board chair for 50Can, a national education advocacy organization. He also serves on the Maryland State Board of Education and the board of Green Street Academy and is the CEO and founder of LifePrep. Phillips and his wife, Anita, live in Baltimore, Maryland, with their two kids.

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