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Why I Believe in a Personal God

The Credibility of Faith in a Doubting Culture

George Carey

About Why I Believe in a Personal God

Is the Universe on our side?

"My own investigations over a period of many years have given me a quiet assurance that there is a God who has given us sufficient clues in life, nature, human thought, beauty and art to satisfy the genuine inquirer that he exists, and that he has expressed himself most meaningfully in Jesus Christ.  However, you may come to a different conclusion at the end of this book and that is your right as a thinking responsible person.  All I can do is to invite you to join me in looking at the arguments again..."

Writing in a popular style but with careful reasoning, George Carey explains the traditional message of Christianity in its stark confrontation with modern unbelief and indifference.  Here is a brief, aggressive, but always warm and generous appeal to faith for modern readers.

About George Carey

George Carey--The new Archbishop of Canterbury is expected to play a key role in shaping the impact of Christianity for decades to come.  Father of four and af ormer theology professor, Carey has been known as an able communicator to the broad public as well as to academia.

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152 pages | Published by Shaw Books

On Sale Date: Mar 7, 2000

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