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The Fourth Fisherman

How Three Mexican Fishermen Who Came Back from the Dead Changed My Life and Saved My Marriage

Joe Kissack

About The Fourth Fisherman

We each came to a moment of brokenness;
what we found there was God.
And he was enough.
It was the subject of headlines around the world:  Three Mexican fishermen in a small open boat without any supplies, drifting for more than nine months and 5,500 miles across the Pacific Ocean. Through blistering sun and threatening storms, they battle starvation, dehydration, hopelessness, and death. Their lifelines? An unwavering faith and a tattered Bible.
Thousands of miles away, Joe Kissack, a successful Hollywood executive, personified the American dream. He enjoyed the trappings of the good life: a mini mansion, sports cars, and more. He had it made. Yet the intense pressure of his driven and high-powered career sends him into a downward spiral, driving him deep into suicidal depression, insidious addictions, and alienation from his family. His lifelines? A friend and a Bible on the table between them. 
Thoughtfully told with candor and humor, Kissack weaves together the incredible true voyage of fishermen adrift in the sea and his own life’s journey as a man lost in the world. It is a story that will buoy your spirit and renew your hope and faith.


Praise for The Fourth Fisherman

“Faith and hope unite the unlikely stories of Mexican fishermen lost at sea and an American television executive even more profoundly lost in his affluence. You’ll be inspired by this passionate tale of intertwined lives, touched by the author’s unvarnished honesty, and challenged to trust God in fresh ways. Here’s an adventure story that may well launch you on your own new adventures with God.”
—Lee Strobel, New York Times best-selling author

“We love this message. Joe weaves together two stories with the same central theme, being lost and adrift, and tells how one thing—faith in God—provided each of the four fishermen the courage and comfort to face the next day and its uncertainties and ultimately led them safely to shore. These are the stories that we hold tight in our memories—when days seem so uncertain and doubts scream at us that we’ll never find the shore.”
—Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn, best-selling authors of For Women Only and For Men Only

“This book is about the fishermen’s agony and survival, or at least that’s where Joe begins. But the real book, the inner story, shows readers how God took a once high-powered salesman who was obsessed with success and image and turned him into a new man: a dedicated husband and a serious, committed Christian.”
—Cecil Murphey, New York Times best-selling coauthor of 90 Minutes in Heaven

“People of faith, myself included, often put limitations on it. But, as you’ll read here, real freedom comes when we finally surrender to the mystery of God and what He is doing. Thank you, Joe, for being so honest and real. I loved it!”
—Jeff Foxworthy, stand-up comedian and television personality

“You won’t be able to put this book down. It is more than the true story of three courageous fishermen and one brave author. Believe it or not, hidden within their inspiring stories is your story. It is the belief that life is bigger than we think. It is the hope of wanting our lives to have purpose. It’s all there. If you’re looking to find that hope, a common purpose, and a reason to still believe, you’ve come to the right place. But be warned. The journey begins when you board this boat.”
—Jeff Henderson, North Point Ministries

“Joe is an ordinary guy who has been given an extraordinary story. He answered a call that few will ever get a chance to say yes to. I wish it could have been me.”
—Steve Bartkowski, NFL legend, outdoorsman, and motivational speaker

About Joe Kissack

Joe Kissack is a speaker, author, screenwriter, film and television executive, publisher, and entrepreneur. His job descriptions cover a wide spectrum, from working on a farm and cleaning out refrigerated beef trucks to serving as a senior executive for Sony Pictures. His speaking engagements also vary, as he provides inspiration for charities,
churches, and business conferences. Joe lives in Atlanta with Carmen, his wife of more than twenty-five years, and their two daughters.

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224 pages | Published by WaterBrook

On Sale Date: Mar 13, 2012

Trim Size: 6 x 9

Carton Quantity: 12

By Marion Dates

This is a fantastic story of a harrowing tale, and how faith in God can make a difference. To be able to live to tell the story, and remain faithful to God and realize that he is the one who brought them though. I recommend this to anyone who loves a non-fiction tale with a happy ending, and faith building experiences.

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By Lindsay Satmary

The message of hope and faith is remarkable through two very different, yet very similar accounts. God can use anyone, anywhere. It doesnâ??t matter if you have it all or if you have nothing. God can use what you have, where you are, and turn an ordinary life into an incredible testament of his love for us. Being able to use the Mexican fishermen, and Joe, and a few people who helped bring it all together shows just how big God...

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By Diane Jackson

The Fourth Fisherman is about a group of Mexican fishermen who were lost at sea for nearly a year. It's the story of a successful television executive (the author) lost in his own self-absorbed lifestyle for many years. And it's the story of a born-again Christian father and husband (the author) embarking on a journey by solely trusting in God. When Kissack gives his life over to God, God seems to test his faith by having him meet the...

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By megan linde

Prior to reading this book I was not aware of the story of the Mexican fishermen who were stranded at sea for an amazing nine months. As the author Kissack intertwines their miraculous story with his own I was amazed the journeys of all involved. I found the story inspiring and it held my interest throughout. I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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By Sam Luce

While the name isn't the most compelling the story in it's pages absolutely is. The way that the author of the book lays out the story of a man who has worldly wealth comes to find that he was a poor lost soul surrounded by professional sharks. As Joe the authors would was falling apart 3 fishermen were fighting for their collective lives. Joe Kissack did a fantastic job of describing what a life that is filled with things other than God...

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