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About Relentless

Flee or Fight? 
You experience adversity. You know what it is like to endure hardship. You hold on, buckle down, and ride the wave of bad fortune, praying you will make it out alive. You just do what it takes to survive.
But what if these trials had the raw potential to change your life? What if the challenges you face could propel you to the next level of faith and maturity? What if you were designed to thrive in adversity, not merely “get by?”
John Bevere wants to take you on a journey to unlock your tenacity. As he recounts the stories of Jesus and John the Baptist, as well as those of many contemporary believers, he presents a powerful pattern: These pillars of faith do not just hang on and survive troubles. They look adversity in the face and stare it down.
Armed with the truth in the Word and the power of prayer, you, too, can join the determined ranks of the army of God.  Will you fight relentlessly? Learn today how to fight, never give up, and enjoy all God has for you.
“John Bevere has a mandate on his life to serve the body of Christ.  His desire to see everyone find and flourish in their God-given destiny is evident in his teachings.  His love for Christ and deep revelation of the Word of God will have you pursuing the cause of Christ, relentlessly.”  --Brian and Bobbie Houston, senior pastors, Hillsong Church


Praise for Relentless

“John Bevere has a mandate on his life to serve the body of Christ. His desire to see everyone find and flourish in their God-given destiny is evident in his teachings. His love for Christ and deep revelation of the Word of God will have you pursuing the cause of Christ, relentlessly.”
—Brian and Bobbie Houston, senior pastors, Hillsong Church

“It’s one thing to write on a subject; it’s another thing to be a living demonstration of what you share. In word and in his life, John Bevere reveals the powerful effect that the relentless pursuit of God’s purpose produces. He inspires readers to move from spiritual passivity to a passionate pursuit of God’s will…a challenge worth embracing!”
—James Robison, president, LIFE Outreach International, Fort Worth, Texas

“John Bevere captures the premiere criteria for navigating through the vicissitudes of this life. He challenges every believer to go beyond the goal of stability into the much needed attribute of becoming Relentless. People who achieve great goals in life did it in part because they were relentless. I encourage you to take the time to read carefully this necessary word.”
—Bishop T. D. Jakes, The Potter’s House

“There are far too many one-hit wonders in the church. So few finish faithfully. But it doesn’t have to be that way. John Bevere, one of the most inspiring men in the body of Christ today, compellingly challenges us to believe that our lives are not destined to be cautionary tales of what could have been. Your faith and passion don’t have to flame out or fizzle. You can be Relentless.
—Steven Furtick, lead pastor, Elevation Church and author of Sun Stand Still

 “Each book John Bevere writes is a worthy contribution to building a solid, healthy, and fruitful life in Christ and for Him! Thanks John, for another brick!”
—Jack W. Hayford

Relentless is what the enemy is toward us. It is time we were likewise, relentless in both our faith and actions. God is raising up a tenacious people who will not rest until His will is done. This book is an invaluable tool in this pursuit.”
—Christine Caine, director, Equip & Empower Ministries, and founder, The A21 Campaign

 “A few years ago I was given a bracelet with the words RELENTLESS on it…and I have worn the bracelet ever since, to remind my heart about my pursuit of Christ and His purpose for my life. This book, by the awesome John Bevere, continues to tell the great unfolding story of our passion and pursuit of Jesus and His incredibly great love for us. I know that this teaching will open the space of your heart that yearns for more.”
—Darlene Zschech, worship leader and singer/songwriter

 “Relentless is one of the most spiritually provoking books I’ve read. John compels us to go beyond just enduring in life to overcoming with God’s authority in every area of our lives. It is a timely message of empowerment for the body of Christ that will propel you into the call of God on your life in a fierce and bold way. If you truly have a desire to finish strong and live relentlessly in every area of life God is calling you to, you’ve got to read this book.”
—Stovall Weems, lead pastor, Celebration Church, Jacksonville, Florida, and author of Awakening

“John Bevere’s new book Relentless is a must read for those who have experienced a stumbling block of adversity.  Relentless will walk you through God’s grace as He uses the valleys and storms in life to equip us for His destined purpose.  John reminds us that God never gives up on us and we should never give up on Him.”
 —Jentezen Franklin, senior pastor, Free Chapel, and New York Times best-selling author

“Let John Bevere become your spiritual personal trainer as you read through these inspiring pages. Relentless is packed full of wisdom and insight to help you run your race of faith with both passion and perseverance. If you want to finish well, then get started with this book now!”
—Matt Redman, worship leader and songwriter

About John Bevere

Marked by boldness and passion, John Bevere delivers uncompromising truth through his award-winning curriculums and bestselling books, now in more than sixty languages, including Extraordinary, The Bait of Satan, Drawing Near, and Driven by Eternity. He is an international speaker and cohost of The Messenger TV program broadcast worldwide.  John enjoys living in Colorado Springs with his wife, Lisa, also a bestselling author and speaker, and their four sons.

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256 pages | Published by WaterBrook

On Sale Date: Dec 18, 2012

Trim Size: 6 x 9

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By Ashley Courvelle

After reading John Bevere's book "Relentless" I have never felt more empowered. This book left me with the feeling that I could accomplished anything through the power that is in me from God. At the time of this reading I was struggling through the physical training of running a marathon, and day after day I would feel strengthen within after spending time in this book. I now have a brighter outlook on life and a sense of empowerment like...

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By Karuna Barla

Relentless is a book by a preacher who I admire and I pounced on the opportunity to review his book as soon as it arrived on my Blogging for Books list. Relentless did not let me down. It is written in a very down to earth conversational style and I liked that about the book. The language is simple and direct. The message is powerful. I would totally recommend it!

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By Kayla Richardson

Relentless was a challenging book to read. It took me several months to read because I had to keep reading everything over to know that I truly understood what was being said. Not that the words were too big, or unclear, but if nothing else, one thing is for sure, Relentless will challenge the way you think and believe, and more importantly why you believe that way. John Bevere does an excellent job of backing up his statements with several...

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By Master Builders

This book truly does stir a relentless attitude in my heart to not give up in the face of adversity. John does an excellent job of bringing scripture to light. He opens the book with a scripture from Ecclesiastes to stress how we finish is better than how we start (Ecc. 7:8). John not only wants us to finish well but shows us how God has equipped us to do so. John points out that we are to "rule in life through Christ" using Romans 5:17 as...

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By Ileah-Mare Smith

I picked up this book at a point in my life when I was going through a major struggle. The author John Bevere reminds us that we have been empowered with the strength of Christ who lives within us that we can do all things. We just have to put our faith into action. Relentless is a good reminder that although we will face challenges, we have to continue to fight the fight of faith. I received this book from Waterbrook Multnomah through...

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