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About Judgment Day

Sensational journalism has never been so deadly.
The weekly cable news show Judgment Day with Suzanne Kidwell promises to expose businessmen, religious leaders, and politicians for the lies they tell. Suzanne positions herself as a champion of ethics and morality with a backbone of steel—until a revelation of her shoddy investigation tactics and creative fact embellishing put her in hot water with her employers, putting her credibility in question and threatening her professional ambitions..
Bitter and angry, Suzanne returns home one day to find an entrepreneur she is investigating, John Edward Sterling, unconscious on her living room floor. Before the night is over, Sterling is dead, she has his blood on her hands, and the police are arresting her for murder. She needs help to prove her innocence, but her only hope, private investigator Marcus Crisp, is also her ex-fiancé–the man she betrayed in college.
Marcus and his partner Alexandria Fisher-Hawthorne reluctantly agree to take the case, but they won’t cut Suzanne any slack. Exposing her lack of ethics and the lives she’s destroyed in her fight for ratings does little to make them think Suzanne is innocent. But as Marcus digs into the mire of secrets surrounding her enemies, he unveils an alliance well-worth killing for. Now all he has to do is keep Suzanne and Alex alive long enough to prove it.


“High-octane straight from the start. With breakneck action, high-strung suspense and characters you can’t help but root for, Judgment Day is an irresistible read.”
—Tosca Lee, author of Demon: A Memoir

“The Queen of High-Octane Suspense has done it again! Wanda Dyson takes us on a roller-coaster ride worthy of a whiplash warning. High suspense, romantic tension, and even comic relief will keep you riveted and turning pages as fast as you can read. It’s all in there!”
—Bonnie S. Calhoun, owner and publisher of Christian Fiction Online Magazine

Judgment Day is packed with action and adventure. Private detective duo Marcus Crisp and Alexandria Fisher-Hawthorne are fascinating and keep the story rolling with their wit, sarcasm, and teamed-up tactical skills reminiscent of many favorite action-adventure movies. Dyson has penned a great suspense with strong Christian themes in Judgment Day!”
—Ronie Kendig, author of Dead Reckoning and Nightshade

“From page one I couldn’t put this book down. Suzanne is a highly flawed individual in the fight of her life. When she’s forced to call in Alex and Marcus to unravel who’s trying to frame her, they instead unravel an evil plot that ends with harvested organs. The pacing is tight, the characters people I want to know, and the plot so intricate I literally could not stop reading. Two thumbs up for those who love tightly written suspense with a very light twist of romance.”
—Cara C. Putman, author of Canteen Dreams and A Promise Forged

Judgment Day is Dyson’s best suspense to date! The current-event woven expertly into the fast-paced plot kept me turning the pages. For a fabulous, edge-of-your-seat, keep-you-up-late novel, Judgment Day is not to be missed!”
—Robin Caroll, author of Deliver Us from Evil and Fear No Evil

About Wanda Dyson

Wanda Dyson lives on a working horse farm in Maryland, boarding and keeping a menagerie of critters. She is the author of four acclaimed suspense novels including Shepherd’s Fall and the co-author of Why I Jumped, the true story of Tina Zahn.  

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352 pages | Published by WaterBrook

On Sale Date: Sep 21, 2010

Trim Size: 5-1/2 x 8-1/4

Carton Quantity: 24

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Sensational journalism has never been so deadly. Download and read the first two chapters of  Judgment Day by Wanda L. Dyson Reporter Suzanne Kidwell’s news show Judgment Day exposes those in the public eye for the lies they tell until she’s framed for murder. Her only hope of clearing her name and saving her life is pairing up with her ex-fiancé Marcus Crisp. But Marcus doesn’t cut Suzanne any slack, especially when he uncovers an alliance worth killing for. Download and read the first two chapters of  Judgment Day by Wanda L. Dyson

By Jan Marie Newby

Suzanne is the perfect example of many people in the media world who will stop at nothing to get the story. Does it matter if it is true? Does it make a difference if the facts are skewed a bit, simply to make the story more sensational? Does the impact on family members and associates of the victim ever come into consideration? Do the people under investigation have any rights or feelings? Sadly, to many reporters, the answer to each of...

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By Sandra Wall

The minute I opened this book, I was hooked. I could not wait to read, Judgment Day, on my break, at red lights, waiting for got it! Anytime I could open the book, I would read. Suzanne Kidwell works as a news reporter on cable t.v. She gets "information" and reports it without fully investigating the facts.She is about sensationalism and ratings. Suzanne's car brakes are malfunctioning and her boyfriend, Guy, takes...

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By Mike Safford

Suzanne Kidwell, is looking for fame, and she is willing to destroy anyone in order to get it. This is what it seems as she goes about her job, as an investigative reporter for a television series known as "Judgment Day", but is Kidwell about to meet her own "Judgment Day"? When Kidwell finds a friend of hers dead in her apartment, she is immediately charged with the murder. Suzanne, seeks and enlists the help of a pair of Private...

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By Pat Mallett

Judgment Day By Wanda L. Dyson Paperback 340 Pages Copyright 2010 Publisher: Waterbrook Press This book is my first exposure to Wanda Dysonâ??s writing and it didnâ??t let me down. It is a mystery thriller with a light touch of romance and a hint of Christian morals. The lead character, Suzanne Kidwell, is a highly-rated, though hardly highly regarded, TV anchor that reports on sensational news stories but doesnâ??t necessarily...

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