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About Forget Me Not

Their elusive enemies took everything. Now they want more.
Crossroads Crisis Center owner Benjamin Brandt was a content man—in his faith, his work, and his family. Then in a flash, everything he loved was snatched away. His wife and son were murdered, and grief-stricken Ben lost faith. Determination to find their killers keeps him going, but after three years of dead ends and torment, his hope is dying too. Why did he survived? 
Now, a mysterious woman appears at Crossroads seeking answers and help—a victim who eerily resembles Ben’s deceased wife, Susan. A woman robbed of her identity, her life, of everything except her faith—and Susan’s necklace.  
The connections between the two women mount, exceeding coincidence, and to keep the truth hidden, someone is willing to kill. Finding out who and why turns Ben and the mystery woman’s situation from dangerous to deadly.  Their only hope for survival is to work together, trust each other, and face whatever they discover head on, no matter how painful. But will that be enough to save their lives and heal their tattered hearts?


Praise for Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not is edge-of-your-seat suspense. Each page left me breathless with anticipation for the next page. This book is non-put-downable.”
–Debbie Macomber, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“Written with equal parts grace and passion, Vicki Hinze’ s latest thriller Forget Me Not delves deeply into a the chilling world of twisted loyalties, amnesia, and the struggle of a woman to expose a terrorist plot. Romantic, suspenseful, and ultimately uplifting, this story proves that what is buried in the past never stays buried forever. A great read by a writer who continues to amaze”
–James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of The Doomsday Key

“I literally couldn’t put down Forget Me Not by Vicki Hinze. The suspense kept me flipping pages until long after midnight and I loved the plot twists. Highly recommended!”
–Colleen Coble, author of The Lightkeeper’s Bride and the Rock Harbor series

“Vicki Hinze is a masterful storyteller who has weaved unique and rich characters into a compelling, thought-provoking novel. Forget Me Not is a fabulous page-turner with incredible plot twists that will keep you guessing until the very end.   Highly recommended!”
–Mark Mynheir, homicide detective and author of The Night Watchman

“Vicki Hinze’ s Forget Me Not is a novel I couldn’t put down. The fast pace makes for a quick read, the story is full of action and intrigue while the romance flows naturally from the plot. The message of God’s presence in our everyday lives provides an emotional uplifting long after the story ends. I highly recommend Forget Me Not."
–Robin Caroll, author of the bayou series and Deliver Us From Evil

“The always-entertaining Vicki Hinze breaks new ground with this intriguing tale, filled with nail-biting suspense, emotional turmoil and heartfelt redemption. This novel celebrates the sturdiness of the human spirit and the healing power of faith. Don’t miss it!”
–Susan Wiggs, author of Just Breathe

Forget Me Not took off like a bullet from a shotgun and gripped me all the way to the exciting end.  With tight plotting, twists and turns, a sweet romance and lots of action, I’ll be making room on my romantic suspense shelf for more books from Vicki Hinze!”
–Susan May Warren, award-winning author of Nothing But Trouble

Forget Me Not is a season of the television show 24 in print, with a long list of surprises, a good love story, and a great inspirational uplift. An excellent read!”
–Hannah Alexander, author of A Killing Frost

“One of the best romantic suspense novels I've read this year! The mysterious, intriguing opening hooked me right away, and Vicki's characters made me root for them. I can't recommend this book enough!”
–Camy Tang, author of Deadly Intent and the Sushi series

Praise for Vicki Hinze

“Tense, breathless, multi-layered - and highly recommended.”
—Lee Child New York Times bestselling author

“Hinze paints her tale on a broad canvas, her writing expertly controlled, rich in imagination, deep in characterization. It’s a race against time and shadowy instincts, the narrative loud with surprises, the premise all-too-believable.”
—Steve Berry, New York Times bestseller of The Jefferson Key

“Hinze has written a masterful, complicated tale of suspense that gains momentum with each turn of a page. Her writing flows surely, moving from one character to the next, one setting to another, with readers keeping the swift pace.”
—Publisher’s Weekly

“Fans of Christian suspense will enjoy Hinze’s latest thriller.”
—Library Journal

“[Hinze] keeps the pace brisk and the tension high. Don’t start reading too late at night—you may see 2 a.m.”

 “Excellent characterization and a compelling plot draw the reader in and never lets go. Perhaps most importantly, the novel addresses the universal question of the purpose of pain and the importance of faith when all hope seems lost. Evil is unapologetically painted black and bold, making the redemptive power of Christ seem all that much more powerful. Deadly Ties is absolutely magnificent.”

About Vicki Hinze

Vicki Hinze is an award-winning author of multiple novels including Down & Dead in Dallas and The Marked Star. Hinze’s willingness to take risks in writing and genre has earned her a reputation for trailblazing skill. She holds a master of arts in creative writing and a doctorate in philosophy (theocentric business and ethics), and served as vice president on the International Thriller Writers Board of Directors. She lives in Florida with her husband.

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352 pages | Published by Multnomah

On Sale Date: Mar 16, 2010

Trim Size: 5-1/2 x 8-1/4

Carton Quantity: 24

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 Download and read the first chapter of Forget Me Not

Crossroads Crisis Center owner Benjamin Brandt was a content man—in his faith, his work, and his family. Then in a flash, everything he loved was snatched away. His wife and son were murdered, and grief-stricken Ben lost faith. Determination to find their killers keeps him going, but after three years of dead ends and torment, his hope is dying too. Why had he survived?  Read the first chapter of Forget Me Not now!

By Nora St Laurent

Buckle-up as you prepare to read Vicki Hinzeâ??s first Christian Fiction suspenseful adventure, Forget Me Not. I was so thankful to receive a review copy of this book. I was hooked from the very first chapter as a murder, then a carjacking takes place and the main character is left for dead. The main character is running for her life and wakes up in the woods, badly beaten. A Good Samaritan arrives and helps her to the Crossroads Crisis...

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By Becky Ritta

Forget Me Not is the story of a woman on the run from a terrorist organization called NINA. She is caught, beaten, and abandoned in the woods, where she wakes with amnesia. With the name "Susan" in her mind and a necklace in her pocket, she finds her way to Crossroads, a women's shelter. There she learns that the owner's wife--named Susan--was murdered a few years previous, the necklace in her pocket belonged to Susan, and she bears a...

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By Annette Whipple

Forget Me Not by Vicki Hinze is a book that had me wondering what was going to happen next and I really enjoyed it. The main characters are real and the suspense was deep. "Susan" (her name changes throughout the story) the main character, has been on the run for years, changing identities as needed. Then she loses her memory after a carjacking and the only clue as to who she might be is the name "Susan," written on the business card of a...

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By Ann Williams

Mystery, supense, spirituality and romance--you get it all in Vicki Hinze's latest novel, Forget Me Not. A woman who has lost her memory crosses paths with Benjamin Brandt--a man whose wife and daughter were murdered and the killers never found. After the loss of his wife and daughter, Benjamin lost faith, but even with the loss of her identity, this woman knows one thing only--her faith in God and that she had Benjamin's wife's necklace....

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By Beth Maddrey

In Forget Me Not, we follow the story of a young woman who shows up at the Crossroads Crisis Center devoid of her memory but plagued with a foreboding feeling that she should not be in this town. If trying to rediscover her identity and continue to dodge the men who beat her and left her for dead wasn't enough, she bears a striking similarity to the crisis center's murdered wife and he believes her to be trying to pull some sort of con. As...

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