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A Voice from Home

The Words You Long to Hear from Your Father

Rich Stevenson

About A Voice from Home

Jesus spent more than thirty years in an alien culture, surrounded by harsh voices, isolated from affirming words. Did he sometimes wonder if he could make a difference, if he could finish the difficult work he'd come to do? Sometimes he felt so alone, but three timeswhen the pressure was heavyJesus received exactly what he needed to carry on: The audible words of his Father–an inspiring, loving, life-giving voice from Home.

You are my child; I love you.
You are mine; I have chosen you.
I will glorify my name through you.

These words, spoken out loud by God the Father to Christ the Son, infused his earthly mission with incalculable power, and the world was changed forever. These same words are also meant for every believer, every co-heir with Jesus today.

Listen! They can change your life, too!

In a world of alienation, aggression, and pain, A Voice from Home is a powerful and moving exploration of the message our Heavenly Father longs for each one of his children to hear and embrace: words of soul-affirming identity, of life-consuming purpose, of self-surrendering promise. Hear and be transformed by this remarkable message from the God of the universe, lovingly spoken to you today.


Praise for A Voice from Home

“Rich Stevenson communicates with depth, power, vitality, and winsomeness the words that Christ the Son heard from his Heavenly Father–words that are also spoken to all of us adopted sons and daughters. Read this book, and you will hear in a profound, life-changing way that voice of delight, descent, and destiny calling you from home.”
–Dr. Stephen A. Seamands, Professor of Christian Doctrine, Asbury Theological Seminary, author of Wounds that Heal, A Conversation with Jesus, and Holiness of Heart and Life

“A strikingly original writer, Rich Stevenson offers us a book as refreshing as water from a high mountain stream.  He takes three texts from the Gospels, where our Heavenly Father spoke audibly and directly to Jesus, and shows how these words are meant for us, too.  I found this book to be unusually encouraging.  Indeed, it brings good news from a far country.”
–Lyle W. Dorsett, Billy Graham Professor of Evangelism, Beeson Divinity School
"For those of us who find ourselves alone in the universe, the one thing we long for is a familiar voice, a phone call at the right moment.  Rich Stevenson reminds us that we have heard that voice through words God the Father spoke to Jesus. Sit down. Read.  Let Rich remind you what that voice sounds like.”
–Michael L. Glenn, senior pastor, Brentwood Baptist Church
“Rich Stevenson has written an engaging and compelling description of how to hear the Heavenly Father’s voice.  In a day when so many feel rejected, abandoned, and forsaken, this message from our eternal home will bring hope, joy, and abiding peace.  And for those whose lives seem serene and settled, these echoes of the Heavenly Father’s voice will reinforce the truth that He never leaves nor forsakes for He is with us always.”
–David J. Gyertson, Ph.D., Professor of Leadership Formation & Renewal, Regent University, host of the Canadian Edition of The 700 Club.

About Rich Stevenson

Rich Stevenson is a church planter, pastor, and author of Secrets of the Spiritual Life–10 Lessons from the "One Thing" Passages. A graduate of Asbury College and Seminary, Rich is also the founder and director of The Expansion Network, a ministry that encourages emerging leaders in missions and church planting. He and his wife, Tania, live in Kentucky with their four children.

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