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About The Quotable Spurgeon

Quotable and Findable Charles Spurgeon!

Charles Spurgeon has been widely esteemed as the ultimate pulpiteer in the English language.  His mastery of the Scriptures, theology, and pulpit oratory combined to make his London church one of the largest and most influential in nineteenth-century Britain.

Today Spurgeon lives on as the most widely published figure in English language.  His books yield a treasure trove of apt citations, examples, object lessons, and witty illustrations of the truth.  But finding the Spurgeon illumination for a passage has not been easy for modern speakers and readers.  Where did Mr. Spurgeon illustrate Galatians 2:20 or Isaiah 55?  The Quotable Spurgeon will locate hundreds of usable quotations from this sacred orator quickly and efficiently.  Archaic language has been updated to make the Victorian voice clear to modern ears.

The Quotable Spurgeon has been arranged with keys to the Bible as well as to current topics.  Using the helpful index of biblical passages, you will find Spurgeon's sonorous eloquence a graceful addition to your other sources for speeches, sermons, and devotional reading.

About Charles H. Spurgeon

Foreward by Lewis A. Drummond, Spurgeon biographer and scholar, president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, North Carolina.  Dr. Drummond was on the faculty of Spurgeon's Theological College, London, from 1968 to 1972.

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