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About Meeting Jesus

If we are honest in our search for truth, we have to take Jesus seriously. Jesus' word is the best case for who he is; it makes sense to look at the original documents of his life. These studies are designed to do just that—to help honest seekers meet Jesus.

Meeting Jesus is a Fisherman Bible Studyguide with 13 studies for individuals or groups that offers:
·         Penetrating questions that generate discussion
·         A flexible format for group or individual needs
·         Helpful leader’s notes
·         An emphasis on daily application of Bible truth

About James W. Sire

Born on a ranch on the rim of the Nebraska Sandhills, James W. Sire has been an officer in the army, a college professor of English literature, philosophy, and theology, the chief editor of InterVarsity Press (a Christian publisher of books for thoughtful readers), a lecturer at more than 200 hundred universities in the United States, Canada, Eastern and Western Europe, and Asia, and the author of 20 books on literature, philosophy, and the Christian faith. His book The Universe Next Door, published in 1976 and now in its fifth edition, has sold more than 350,000 copies and has been translated into 18 foreign languages. He holds a BA in chemistry and English from the University of Nebraska, an MA in English from Washington State College (now University), and a PhD in English from the University of Missouri. His most recent book is a memoir, The Rim of the Sandhills.

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96 pages | Published by Shaw Books

On Sale Date: Mar 21, 1995

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