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How to Raise Totally Awesome Kids

Chuck Borsellino & Jenni Borsellino

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About How to Raise Totally Awesome Kids

When parents trade spiritual convictions for those of secular culture -- with its misguided principles and mistaken priorities -- our families, faith, and foundations are in trouble. Happiness has become the hallmark of successful parenthood in today's high-tech, low-touch world where faithfulness is for the foolish and parenthood is provisional. Learn how to make the child-rearing years rewarding for both parents and children!Clear, stylish typeset, with user-friendly links to referenced Scripture.

Parenting is both exhilarating and exhausting…offering no reprieve and no recess!

Moms are so emotionally drained they’re giving themselves a timeout! Dads are so frustrated even golf seems like fun! But don’t panic—there is hope!

Chuck and Jenni invite you to pull up a chair with them in a quiet café, where the coffee’s hot and the music’s soft. They’ve been here a thousand times with parents just like you. Parents with their kids on their minds and their hearts on their sleeves…eager to discover the practice and the payoff of…

Principle-Centered Parenting !

With wit and wisdom, Chuck and Jenni share 10 essential principles

that will help you when your patience is failing and your blood pressure is rising! Whether you're a mom or dad in a traditional family, a stepfamily, or a single-parent family…you're just 10 steps away from discovering how good parents become great parents, average kids become awesome kids, and kids of comfort become kids of character.

Join them and see!

About Chuck Borsellino

Dr. Chuck Borsellino has two doctoral degrees. He is a licensed clinical psychologist, an ordained minister and founder of OpenHouse Family Ministries. He has spoken to more than one million people in seminars and workshops. Currently, he is host and executive producer of FamilyNet's flagship program and nationally syndicated daily television show, At Home Live with Chuck & Jenni!, which is dedicated to preserving, strengthening and enriching family life. In addition, Dr. Borsellino is coauthor of How to Raise Totally Awesome Kids and author of a new book, Pinocchio Parenting: 21 Outrageous Lies We Tell Our Kids.

While Dr. Borsellino has accomplished much throughout his professional career as a psychologist, author and television host, his most prized accomplishment to date is that of husband and father.

About Jenni Borsellino

Jenni Borsellino is a powerful communicator with a master's degree in communications. She hosts daily TV morning show with her husband Dr. Chuck Borsellino, At Home -- Live! with Chuck & Jenni Borsellino, features a variety of topics that relate to home, family, and relationships and reaches more than 40 million homes in the U.S., as well as coast-to-coast in Canada.

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