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How to Grow a Young Reader

Books from Every Age for Readers of Every Age

Kathryn Lindskoog & Ranelda Mack Hunsicker

About How to Grow a Young Reader

In an age of electronic games, TV, videos, and the Internet…You can raise a book lover.

Reading opens up a lifetime of learning and delight to children. In How to Grow a Young Reader, Kathryn Lindskoog and Ranelda Mack Hunsicker offer suggestions for creating a reader-friendly home, truths about how literature strengthens character development, and helpful strategies for nurturing a love of reading in any child.

Includes a helpful guide to over 1,800 books.


How to Grow a Young Reader is thorough, up-to-date, deeply thoughtful, and thought-generating.”
–Lloyd Alexander, Newbery—award winning author of numerous children’s books, including The High King

“Kathryn and Ranelda not only tantalize you to read the classics you missed but they analyze contemporary books in ways that help you ‘set your mind on things above.’ Enjoy!”
–Jan Johnson, author of Growing Compassionate Kids and When the Soul Listens

“With remarkable breadth and depth, Lindskoog and Hunsicker invite us to the delightful feast of good books, sorting through the classics to the current bestsellers with excellent insight and taste.”
–John Bibee, author of numerous books including The Spirit Flyer series and The Home School Detectives series

How to Grow a Young Reader is a superb introduction and guide through the world of children’s literature.”
–Paul McCusker, executive producer of the Adventures in Odyssey audio dramas and author of numerous books

About Kathryn Lindskoog

Kathryn Lindskoog is a prolific writer, teacher, and literary critic. She is probably best known for her book C. S. Lewis: Mere Christian, an examination of the work of Lewis, who wrote to her, “You know my work better than anyone else I’ve met: certainly better than I do myself.” Among her twenty-one other books are Creative Writing for People Who Can’t Not Write and the three-volume Dante’s Divine Comedy: Journey to Joy. The mother of two grown children, she lives in California with her husband.

About Ranelda Mack Hunsicker

Ranelda Mack Hunsicker, a former elementary and high school teacher, is now a freelance writer of books and articles and a staff writer for Chuck Swindoll’s Insight for Living ministry. She has written five books, including In God We Trust: Stories of Faith in American History (with Tim Crater), The Hidden Price of Greatness (with Ray Beeson) and a biography of David Brainerd. She and her husband live in California.

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352 pages | Published by Shaw Books

On Sale Date: Jun 18, 2002

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