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The Burden is Light: Discussion Guide Download

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A NYC pastor and global influencer inspires readers to find their most meaningful and purposeful life. Surprising to many, this life is not measured by success, comparison, or accolades. Rather, free and joyful living stems from a God-centered celebration of our union with Christ and the lives of those around us. 

Jon Tyson’s exploration of the reverse economy of the kingdom frees his readers from merit-based living…not just in terms of salvation, but daily, earthly value. Life is not meant to be a series of competitions or a survival of the fittest rat race. Yet so many of the messages around us, so many of the voices bombarding our hearts and minds tie up our value and package it with our accolades.

This book gives another way forward. It [ … ]

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Read the first chapter of The Mountains Are Calling.

The teaching pastor of one of America’s largest megachurches gives a call to action: Study the mountains mentioned in Scripture. Learn what God reveals there about himself, and you. Then take those truths back to the people.

An overview of the mountaintop experiences mentioned in Scripture where God met with his followers for the express purpose of greater clarity on two questions: Who is God? and Who am I? Each chapter provides the reader with a clear picture of God’s character and how those attributes both challenge and encourage us.

Book Trailer: THE LAST ARROW – CHAPTER 10: Battle Ready by Erwin Raphael McManus

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Before You Die, Live the Life You Were Born To Live.

When you come to the end of your days, you will not measure your life based on success and failures. All of those will eventually blur together into a single memory called “life.” What will give you solace is a life with nothing left undone. One that’s been lived with relentless ambition, a heart on fire, and with no regrets. On the other hand, what will haunt you until your final breath is who you could have been but never became and what you could have done but never did.

The Last Arrow is your roadmap to a life that defies odds and alters destinies. Discover the attributes of those who break the gravitational pull of [ … ]

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If Jesus couldn’t do anything without the Holy Spirit, what can you do without Him?

World-renowned New Testament scholar offers a straightforward examination of what the Bible says about the Holy Spirit.

Who exactly is the Holy Spirit? What does he do in our lives? How can we know him more deeply, and is it possible to tap into his power? Should we pray to the Holy Spirit? Is it possible to be aware of his promptings and speaking into our lives? Dr. Scot McKnight answers these questions and more in this comprehensive examination of what the Bible says about this divinely important, but often confusing member of the Trinity.


Here’s how it works…

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