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On the 8th Day of Christmas…Books About England & Scotland

On the 8th Day of Christmas…Books about England and Scotland

(a.k.a. “Books for Anglophiles”)

Step back into the history of England and Scotland with three books for the book-loving Anglophiles and historical fiction buffs on your Christmas list! Here are gift ideas for the English (or Scottish)-at-heart, for the historical fiction reader, for the Jane Austen buff, for anyone who dreams of taking a trip to the UK, or for your friend who is waiting eagerly for the next season of Downton Abbey to air!

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 Governess_coverAn Edwardian governess…

(like Downton Abbey crossed with The Sound of Music)

Fans of Downton Abbey or Jane Eyre or the history of Edwardian era will love the romance of The Governess of Highland Hall where the divide between upper and lower class meets the spirit of hope, trust, and a belief in God who works all things together for good can triumph over any obstacle.

Carrie Turansky’s first book in a new series, The Governess of Highland Hall is set in Edwardian-era England where marriage was often relegated to society’s expectations and securing one’s future. So what will happen to the class divide when Sir William Ramsey starts to fall for his new governess Julia Foster?

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 Wreath_of_Snow_coverA Victorian romance…

(a Scottish Christmas with romance in the air)

How can Margaret Campbell bind the wounds that have torn apart her family? And how will Gordon Shaw make amends when the consequences of his past mistakes cannot be erased? A tender story of love and forgiveness, wrapped in a celebration of all things Scottish, all things Victorian, and, especially, all things Christmas.

Liz Curtis Higgs brings Victorian Scotland to life in the holiday novella A Wreath of Snow, spinning a touching Christmas story as warm as a woolen scarf on a cold winter’s eve. Come home for the holidays with Margaret Campbell and Gordon Shaw as they discover why forgiveness is the best gift of all.

buy this book now (don’t forget the discount code!)
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watch the video trailer
listen to a short interview with the author



Austen_coverA Regency exploration…

(part memoir, part travelogue for Jane Austen fans)

For every woman who’s wished for her own Mr. Darcy or admired the pluck of Elizabeth Bennett, here’s an Austen travelogue with keen insights into a modern woman’s world.  Tracing the steps of her literary heroine, in A Walk with Jane Austen Lori Smith explores universal themes of love, heartache, community, independence, creativity, a woman’s place in the world, and the rarely primed subject of Jane’s faith—and Lori’s own.

At thirty-three, dealing with a difficult job and a creeping depression, Lori Smith embarked on a life-changing journey following the life and lore of Jane Austen through England. With humor and spirit, Lori Smith leads readers through landscapes Jane knew and loved–from Bath and Lyme, to London and the Hampshire countryside–and through emotional landscapes in which grace and hope take the place of stagnation and despair. Along the way, Lori explores the small things, both meanness and goodness in relationships, to discover what Austen herself knew: the worth of an ordinary life.

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Brought to you by Sara, a Colorado resident who has constantly-updated lists of “Things to Do in London Next Time” and “Things to Do in Scotland Next Time” that she fears will never be finished, no matter how many trips to the UK she manages to make.


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