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Consider the Lilies

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Consider the Lilies by Al Lacy

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Picking up where the first book in the Fort Bridger series leaves off, Consider the Lilies finds Hannah's wagon train twenty days from Fort Bridger as she deals with her children's and her own grief over her husband's death. In Fort Bridger, the Solomons make many friends. Yet there is one man, embittered by the Civil War, who hates Hannah because her husband fought on the Union side of the war, and because she is a strong woman who still plans to run the general store. In a fit of temper, this man, Alex Patterson, sets a fire that destroys Hannah's store, and seemingly her future. But just when Hannah is about to give up, she is reminded to cling to God's promises that he will provide. Soon she sees God's hand upon her life. As a result, Hannah is able to recover...and even lead Alex Patterson to Christ through her example of forgiveness.

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