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Free Yourself, Be Yourself

Find the Power to Escape Your Past

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When Alas Wright's childhood family collapsed, he took the blame. As a wounded fourth grader, Alan secretly wondered, What's wrong with me? How can I become loveable again? Unconsciously, he made the most devastating--and common--of vows: "I'll do whatever it takes to be loved."

Excelling in sports, earning straight A's, and well-liked by everyone--except himself--Alan had made a childhood commitment to performance-based living, which led to a series of grown-up problems.

Hyper-sensitivity: Why am I so bothered by every criticism?
Self-Doubt: Why do I always question my abilities and motives?
People pleasing: Why do I have a hard time saying no or facing conflict?
Fear of failure: Why do I feel like I have to be perfect?
Self-sabotage: Why can’t I celebrate my gifts and accept God’s blessings?

Laugh, cry, struggle, relate, and be set free as Alan Wright invites you to discover his simple solution—how to release your pride and shame to Jesus, banish fear, and accept unconditional love and acceptance to live as you were meant to live.

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