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VIDEO: Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World Curriculum

  • Nancy Broman

    our Bible study will be starting the study; Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World soon. I need the leaders guide to download. It does not seem to be here. thanks.

  • Christy Myrick

    The leader’s guide can be found here:

  • Colleen Happenny

    I am unable to access the root file from the DVD on my computer. When I try to access the leader resourced it says I have to get them by inserting disc in pc (I have)and get the info from the root directory?

  • Chris Sigfrids

    Hi Colleen – what kind of computer are you using? Which software are you using? You might try watching it using a different DVD application on your computer. Or, see if there is an update for your current DVD player software. Hope this helps!

  • Karen Bethany

    I’m looking into starting a neighborhood Bible Study with these materials. I have done the study and am confused about the books. I have Isbn 9781578562589 and Isbn9780307731609 (study guide). The books I want are the isbn 9781578562589 which includes the 12 week companion Bible Study. However the cover on the study guide shows it to be the same as the regular book. Can you clarify this for me? Thank you. I plan to order the DVDs, to go with the book.

  • Darlene Bone

    I am to lead Chapter 7: The Better Part…I was given the study guide but did not find this particular chapter included.
    ?? Any further helps?

  • katie Leonis

    I am having a retreat at my house next weekend, and cannot find the retreat journal anywhere. I have searched the Havingamaryheart website. Can anyone help me out?

    Thank you

  • Katie Leonis

    I am doing a retreat this weekend. I cannot find the retreat journal anywhere. Can someone help??

  • Giselle Chang

    Hello, I understand that you have the book Having Mary heart in Martha world, in Spanish, I would like to know if you have also the 10 session study and leaders/participants materials also in Spanish? I been searching but just found the book.

  • Jo Ann

    Has anyone been able to find a “retreat journal” on-line, or is this something we put together ourselves?

  • Jill Tucker

    I just received my Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World Book and Study Guide. The Study Guide says that the videos can be accessed on http://www.havingamaryheart.com, but I cannot locate them. Can someone please tell me where to look? Thanks for your help! Jill Tucker

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