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ONLINE BIBLE STUDY: Greater by Steven Furtick

GreaterAd-1Stay grounded this holiday. Engage in this special online Bible Study with Proverbs 31 teacher, Melissa Taylor.

Go to for details.

Find out more about Greater, by Steven Furtick.
Resources include: hardcover book, DVD and Participant’s Guide for small groups and individual study.

PODCAST: Andy Stanley on Enemies of the Heart

Enemies.300x250Break free from the destructive power of guilt, anger, greed, and jealousy! 

Download the four-part leadership podcast by Andy Stanley.

Now Available- on iTunes or MP3 feed
Part 1: Guilt
Part 2: Anger
Part 3: Greed
Part 4: Jealousy

Download the companion Leader’s Reflection Guide – available HERE for FREE!

Learn more about ENEMIES OF THE HEART, new in paperback by Andy Stanley


NEWS: Sun Stand Still Bonus Chapter offer

Just in time for Christmas, you can share the power of audacious faith and receive the Sun Stand Still Bonus Chapter, “Give Me My Rocks,” for yourself.

Visit Steven Furtick’s blog to find out how:
Act now, this offer is for a limited time only.

About Sun Stand Still

Download a sample chapter

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SNEAK PEEK: Dare to Drop the Pose by Craig Groeschel

Is the REAL you getting lost because the FAKE you is just so annoyingly impressive?

Click here to download the first chapter of Dare to Drop the Pose now.

Craig’s passionate, funny, warts-and-all confessions and the lessons he learned will help you find you own path to authentic living and a deeper relationship with God.

Click here to download the first chapter of Dare to Drop the Pose now.

SNEAK PEEK: Awakening by Stovall Weems

This year will be the best of your life if it is your best year spiritually

Download a sample chapter, includes the Foreword by Craig Groeschel

On Sale: December 14, 2010

helps you stir up your slumbering soul.  You’ll discover how to break out of your season of dryness or get off to a great start either in the New Year or the next season in life. Take your faith-walk from a “going through the motions” or “have to” mindset to the stimulating, fresh “want to” experience of enjoying God’s presence—24/7.

Download a sample chapter.

Awakening: A New Approach to Faith, Fasting, and Spiritual Freedom
On Sale December 14, 2010



DOWNLOAD: Twelve Audacious Faith Confessions


Download Twelve Audacious Faith Confessions excerpted from Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick.

“The Twelve Audacious Faith Confessions aren’t actual Bible verses, but each one is based on the comprehensive teaching of God’s Word. So whatever circumstances you’re facing in your life right now, you can begin to preach God’s Word to yourself-starting today. “

Download the PDF here now!
Download Steven Furtick’s short film, FAITH CONFESSIONS, here.
Learn more about the book Sun Stand Still by clicking here.

NEWS: Pastor Steven Furtick / 24 Hour Preaching & Prayer Service Today

Steven Furtick, lead pastor at Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC and author of the just released Sun Stand Still: What Happens When You Dare to Ask God For the Impossible will preach, pray and lead worship for 24 hours starting today at 12:00 p.m. ET.

Pastor Furtick and the Elevation team will conduct a live prayer experience at 7:00 p.m. ET.

To join in and find out what happens when you believe in God for the impossible, go to .

Download a chapter from Sun Stand Still.

Watch video.

SNEAK PEEK: Chazown by Craig Groeschel

Download the first chapter of Chazown

Do you wake up each day motivated by knowing exactly why you were created? Guided by intention in every step? Enter: Chazown. Hebrew for “vision,” God wants to give His for you, and this book will reveal it! Living God’s dream will rock your world and align every area of your life, from your relationships to your finances and health. Chazown is packed with storytelling graphics, in-your-face honesty, bite-sized chapterettes, step-by-step guidance, surprising self-assessments, and scarcely containable energy in a fast-paced style that will drive you forward with purpose! Craig Groeschel cowrote this book, but he’s waiting for his partner—you. Because only you can discover how the book ends and the rest of your life begins…

Download the [ … ]