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Reaching for More

Without a doubt, pushing yourself to do more than is asked, expected, or required is nearly always a lonely choice. It can set you apart from friends, co-workers, other Christians, even family. As we’ll see, the desire to do your best—even when no one around you requires it—takes a special kind of character.

Think about it. This common phrase, “Just do your best,” actually encourages the opposite. When someone says, “Just do your best,” are you inspired to reach for more? Or does it feel like permission to just get by?

Excerpted from Do Hard Things by Alex Harris and Brett Harris

Daily Reflection:
Do you feel like you are just getting by in your life, or are you reaching for more? The Bible calls us to do everything as if we were doing it for God. In what areas of your life could you work to give your absolute best for God?

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