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Praying for Proof

Of all the prayers I’ve ever prayed, I think the request for proof of his existence is one that God is most eager to answer. Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so. On pages between pink, imitation leather covers, in black and white type, God spells out his story: a creation, a sin, many sins that follow. A plan to buy the sinners back. A sinless Son as a sacrifice. A death, a resurrection, an ascension into heaven, and a promise to come again for all who believe.

But how do I, the reigning Most Gullible, know it’s true?

For one thing, I believe because the old me died the day I put my trust in Christ, and there’s a new me in her place, a me I never dreamed could exist. The old me woke up angry and scared most of the time, dreading the day, marking the time until I died. That me cried a lot, but I never knew why. I wanted to be free, but I couldn’t figure out what was keeping me bound. Despite having everything I could ever want, I was terribly unhappy—and terribly good at pretending I wasn’t. Nothing worked. Nothing clicked. Nothing. Nothing.

The new me wakes up with a purpose, no longer angry, no longer dreading the day. Genuinely free. Free to love my husband, to enjoy my children. To pray, to read, to write, to worship. For the most part this new me is terribly happy. Things work, things click. And when they don’t? I take comfort in knowing eventually, ultimately, all things will work together for good (Romans 8:28).

Excerpted from Prayers God Always Answers by Nancy Kennedy

Daily Reflection:
How has God answered your prayers for proof of his existence?

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