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NEWS: Online Bible Study with Liz Curtis Higgs


A Note from Liz Curtis Higgs:This September thru November we’ll be reading through my new book on Ruth, one chapter a week. Then each Wednesday I’ll offer my take on the Study Guide questions and invite your comments. Easy, right?


For busy girls like us, this is a Bible study that works—at home or on the road, at your computer or on your smartphone. Read the chapter when you can, check the blog when you like, and share your thoughts when you’re ready.

To Do This Week:
Sign up to have my Bible Study Blog delivered to your inbox.
Pick up your copy of The Girl’s Still Got It.
Read pages 1-25.
Answer the questions on pages 175-178.
Join Liz on her blog on September 5 to dive in!

To find out more and read the 7 reasons why the book of Ruth still rocks, visit Liz online.

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