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“You're bored, Nick. You were made for more than this. You're worried about God stealing your fun, but you've got it backwards... There's no adventure like being joined to the Creator of the universe.” He leaned back off the table. “And your first mission would be to let him guide you out of the mess you're in at work.”

You are Invited to a Dinner with Jesus of Nazareth

The mysterious envelope arrives on Nick Cominsky's desk amid a stack of credit card applications and business-related junk mail. Although his seventy-hour workweek has already eaten into his limited family time, Nick can't pass up the opportunity to see what kind of plot his colleagues have hatched.

The normally confident, cynical Nick soon finds himself thrown off-balance, drawn into an intriguing conversation with a baffling man who comfortably discusses everything from world religions to the existence of heaven and hell. And this man who calls himself Jesus also seems to know a disturbing amount about Nick's personal life.

As the evening progresses, their conversation touches on life, God, meaning, pain, faith, and doubt - and it seems that having Dinner with a Perfect Stranger may change Nick's life forever.

A provocative novella set almost entirely in a modern-day Italian restaurant, Dinner with a Perfect Stranger presents the opportunity to listen in as a skeptical young professional confronts Jesus with challenging questions about the claims of Christianity.

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Recent awards:

Publisher's Weekly Religion Bestseller
Berean Bookstores 2005 Book of the Year

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