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These guides are designed for any small group wanting to use Dinner with a Perfect Stranger as a springboard for enlightening and engaging discussion. Guides of three different lengths are provided, depending on the needs of the group: one, four, or eight sessions.

Guides for one or four sessions are written in two versions each:

Version 1 is designed primarily for a gathering of seekers, or persons who are interested in the book's subject matter but do not consider themselves as Christians.

Version 2 is designed primarily for those who would consider themselves to be Christ-followers.

Discussion leaders/facilitators are encouraged to select whatever questions they deem appropriate for the group they are leading, and to add to these questions any additional ones they consider beneficial for their group.

Leaders should note that this website also provides Bible references to the statements Jesus makes in Dinner with a Perfect Stranger. Group members, especially the leader, may find these references helpful to consult in preparing for the group discussion.

Send out a personal invitation to your reading group! Download HERE, print and send!

Bible Reference Guide

Does the Bible really say what Jesus said in Dinner with a Perfect Stranger? We invite you to look for yourself. Listed below are Bible references for statements made by Jesus in the book. The references are not exhaustive, but they are a good representation of biblical teaching on each matter.

Download the Bible reference guide.

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