Reckless Faith

Living Passionately as Imperfect Christians

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About This Book

Holy Human

He was impulsive, arrogant, and passionate to a fault. Yet Jesus chose him to lead the early church. Peter, one of the most colorful of Jesus’ disciples, paints the picture of a man who wants desperately to be holy but is hampered by being all too human. Sound familiar?

Reckless Faith looks at this caustic, cocky, cowardly, chosen man and what his life has to say to Christians today. Through a study of his letters, the book of Acts, and the Gospels, Peter springs off the page as one who held nothing back, lived large, and was used by God despite his most sinful nature.

This Fisherman Resource includes author commentary, interactive questions, and opportunities for reflection as you discover how God allows us to come to him as holy and human. Great for individual study or in a group, Reckless Faith will show you that being a follower of God doesn’t necessarily mean having it all together.

“Jo Kadlecek opens the life of this apostle–and her own as well–so that we can be encouraged as we grow, whether through the discovery of life callings or personal frailties.”
–Vinita Hampton Wright, author of Simple Acts of Moving Forward

“Through direct and compelling examination, Kadlecek brings the apostle Peter across 2,000 years of history to your personal space. He is one of us, a postmodern servant leader whose struggles are transparent and honest. Kadlecek challenges us to consider if it is not Peter who is extraordinary, but rather his approach to faith and life.”
–Rudy Carrasco, executive director of the Harambee Christian Family Center

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