One-Liner Wisdom for Today's Girls

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Jeffrey Dean Jeffrey Dean is the author of Watch This, This Is Me, and the One-Liner Wisdom books for Multnomah. The founder of Jeffrey Dean Ministries, he speaks to more than 150,000 teens each year about teen issues and culture. He lives in Nashville with his wife and family

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One-Liner Wisdom for Today's Girls

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About This Book

What Do You Call Cheese that Isn’t Yours?

One-liners. The jokes are known for little more than eliciting a groan or two from you. But since Jeffery Dean came up with this handy booklet for teens, one-liners have become a handy tool. These quotes, questions, and statements will cut to the chase and spark the, “Hmmm…I never thought of that before!” section of your gray matter. Some are funny, some are convicting. Each is thought-provoking. Bring a little simplicity back to your complicated life. Don’t expect the world’s problems to be solved or all of your personal troubles to immediately go away. But do look for plenty of food for thought about what really matters. By the way, the cheese that doesn’t belong to you? It’s nacho cheese. (A cheesier one-liner than anything you’ll find in this book.)

“Jeffrey Dean has a way of zeroing in on today’s youth culture. He knows teens and how to communicate the love of Jesus to them in a way that captures their attention and convicts their hearts.”
-Josh McDowell

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