Shattered Dreams

God's Unexpected Path to Joy

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About This Book

If God loves me, why does life hurt so much?

“A new way to live is available to us,” writes widely respected author and counselor Larry Crabb, “a way that leads to a joy-filled encounter with Christ, to a life-arousing community with others, and to a powerful transformation of our interior worlds that makes us more like Jesus.”
You’ll see how God moves you from shattered dreams to better dreams to the highest dream– and the joy that comes from dreaming it.

This is a book that will...
draw you to your closest Friend,
help you discover your deepest
spiritual desires,
point you to your greatest hope,
help you face your deepest pain,
and invite you to your highest joy.

Join Larry Crabb on a life-changing adventure of encountering God in the midst of life’s most difficult times. And learn to live beyond your Shattered Dreams.

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