Average Joe

God's Extraordinary Calling to Ordinary Men

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Average Joe by Troy Meeder

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Not an 'average' book

by Myles Burns

Book Ranking by Blogger: 4.5 Stars

What a great compilation of stories and examples with big impact. The author hits home  when he says that we aren't all superheroes with bigger than life callings. The day-to-day events in our lives and who we impact make us more than just Average Joes to God. In fact, if we look at those we do impact we find that weare superheroes to them. Through the author's stories, we are inspired to take a closer look at what we are doing in our lives... Read More

Book Review: Average Joe

by Zack Akvan

Book Ranking by Blogger: 4.0 Stars

FOREVER ago, I signed up to get free books in exchange for posting a review on my blog. I regret to say that it has taken me years to post my first, but my delay does not mean this book lacks the power to inspire. Average Joe speaks to anyone who doubts the significance of the work they are doing for God's kingdom in their seemingly "ordinary" jobs or roles. Troy Meeder introduces us to countless people who would not be considered famous or... Read More

Average is not a dirty word

by Joe Westbrook

Book Ranking by Blogger: 4.0 Stars

I read this book in basically two sittings, and one of the key points I took away from it is that there's nothing wrong with being the average guy. Like other men, I dreamed of doing things like being an astronaut, a soldier, a professional athlete, and a host of other things. But there's nothing wrong with how my life turned out. In fact, Troy makes it clear that I am just as much a servant of God in my normal day-to-day experience. With... Read More

Average Joe is above average reading

by Albert Morse

Book Ranking by Blogger: 4.5 Stars

I enjoyed the conversational tone of the book. It made the reading easy and enjoyable. I felt as though we were having a man to man conversation. I would recommend this book to men looking for encouragement in their daily walk. It is encouraging to know that we can glorify God in our daily home and work enviorment. Read More

God makes average great

by Steven Brown

Book Ranking by Blogger: 4.0 Stars

Average Joe is a book of stories, stories about men who we would call average and ordinary. They work ordinary jobs, live in ordinary places, but because they follow Jesus their lives impact others in big ways. The book is encouraging and challenging, not because these stories and these men are full of the miraculous and bigger than life, rather it is because they are average, approachable, and relateable. These are stories of real people... Read More

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