Questions from the God Who Needs No Answers

What Is He Really Asking of You?

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About This Book

The God Who Wants Us to Know Him

Why would an omnipotent God ask questions of people? Because the questions are not for him; they are for us. In Questions from the God Who Needs No Answers, authors Carolyn and Craig Williford show how God’s inquiries in the Old Testament reveal who he is and how he wants to be in relationship with us.

From “Where are you?” to “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” and “Am I not sending you?” God’s questions encouraged and challenged biblical characters–and they can teach us the same powerful truths today.

This in-depth Bible study will help you:

·Discover a deeper and more intimate relationship with God
·Gain a better understanding of the people God questioned in the Bible
·Learn to use God’s questions to unravel the assumptions you have about God’s character and capabilities
·Uncover and study the truths of the Bible and how they apply to us today.

Through description, guided reading, and interactive questions, Carolyn and Craig Williford reveal a God whose timeless questions call us to a deeper faith in him.

“In this thought-provoking, practical book, the Willifords take us on a journey through the Bible that helps us discover who we are and how valuable we are to God.”
–Jim Tomberlin, teaching pastor, Willow Creek Community Church

 “This book is a great tool for deepening our souls.”
 –Marshall Shelley, editor, Leadership

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