Enemies of the Heart

Breaking Free from the Four Emotions That Control You

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The Meaning of Guilt

Guilt says, “I owe you.” Guilt is the result of having done something we perceived as wrong. Every wrong we do can be restated as an act of theft, as we’ll see in a moment. If I steal from you, I owe you. So the message from a heart laden with guilt is, “I owe!”

For example, consider the man who runs off with another woman and abandons his family. Without realizing it at the time, he has stolen something from every member of his family. He has stolen his wife’s first marriage; he has robbed her of her future, her financial security, her reputation as a wife. From his children’s perspective this man has stolen their father and all that a father means to the home. He has robbed them of Christmas, traditions, emotional and financial security, dinners with the family, and so on.

Now the man who did all this doesn’t think in terms of what he has taken. Initially, he thinks in terms of what he has gained. But the first time his little girl asks him why he doesn’t love Mommy anymore, his heart is stirred. He now feels guilty. Dad owes. A debt-to-debtor relationship has been established. And whenever you or I wrong another, we create the same dynamic.

Excerpted from Enemies of the Heart by Andy Stanley

Daily Reflection:
We’ve all done something that we feel guilty about. What is one small way that you can begin to move past that guilt and on to forgiveness?

PODCAST: Andy Stanley on Enemies of the Heart

Enemies.300x250Break free from the destructive power of guilt, anger, greed, and jealousy! 

Download the four-part leadership podcast by Andy Stanley.

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Part 1: Guilt
Part 2: Anger
Part 3: Greed
Part 4: Jealousy

Download the companion Leader's Reflection Guide - available HERE for FREE!

Learn more about ENEMIES OF THE HEART, new in paperback by Andy Stanley


NEWS: “Enemies of the Heart” Author Andy Stanley Featured in CNN’s Belief Blog

Andy Stanley author of Enemies of the Heart, is featured in CNN's Belief Blog discussing greed, one of the four emotional forces discussed in his book that compel people to act in undesirable ways, sometimes against their will. To read more click here.

SNEAK PEEK: Enemies of the Heart by Andy Stanley

sneak-peak_1852 Are you being sabotaged by your emotions? Click here to download chapter one of Enemies of the Heart. Andy Stanley offers fresh biblical direction to help you overcome the destructive emotions of guilt, anger, greed, and jealousy that can control your heart. Click here to download chapter one of Enemies of the Heart.

NEWS: Andy Stanley Interview Featured in Upcoming 200th “Boundless Show” Episode Celebration!

Focus on the Family's The Boundless Show will be celebrating it's 200th Episode on December 1st, 2011, featuring an interview with Andy Stanley discussing his newest book, Enemies of the Heart.  In addition, a video contest with prizes that include give-a-way copies of Stanley's popular book, is also featured. Click here for more details!

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