On the Frontline

A Personal Guidebook for the Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Challenges of Military Life

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About This Book

Winning strategies for the battles you face every day.

The demands of military life can be staggering. Soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines face pressures and temptations that civilians will never know. Fortunately, here is help from someone who has been there.
Tom Neven uses examples from history, real-life anecdotes from men and women in uniform, and biblical wisdom to help you navigate the biggest challenges of military life. On the Frontline addresses issues such as:
·Loneliness (how to cope with deployment and separation from family and friends)
·Sex (how to resist temptation and remain faithful)
·Debt (how to manage money and avoid financial traps)
·Relationships (how to build and maintain a marriage, friendships, and other relationships from a distance)
·Fear (how to deal with the threat of injury or death)
Written for both men and women, this powerful book confronts these and other issues head-on, offering hope, encouragement, and practical guidance for every day you serve On the Frontline.

Praise for On the Frontline
“No tactical field manual will help you when the bullets are flying if you don’t have your head on straight, and that is where On the Frontline comes in. Read it. Take it to heart. You’ll be glad you did.”
–Chuck Holton, author, Army Ranger, and CBN Adventure Correspondent

“God’s word and On the Frontline are a must in order to lead a complete and victorious life as a Christian warrior. Don’t deploy without Tom Neven’s operational manual on Christian living in the military!”
–Lt. General Bruce L. Fister, USAF (retired), Executive Director of Officers’ Christian Fellowship of the USA

“Tom Neven offers clear and concise answers to the questions and concerns that plague military members and their families. This book needs to be on every frontline reading list of military members from every branch of the service.”
– Ellie Kay, best-selling author of Heroes at Home and keynote speaker for the Heroes at Home World Tour

“If you’re looking for God’s answers to man’s dilemmas, this book is a great tool–particularly for the men and women on America’s frontlines.”
–Colonel Jeff O’Leary, USAF (retired), Fox News Military Analyst

“Tom Neven steels the heart and soul for the warfare, both worldly and spiritual, that awaits the warrior. Neven speaks with the wisdom and authority of a scout who has walked the trail and knows how to get to the objective without falling prey to the enemy.”
–Lt. Colonel Gary Walsh, U.S. Army (retired), Infantry and Legal Officer who served combat tours in Grenada and Somalia

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