Sun Stand Still

What Happens When You Dare to Ask God for the Impossible

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Bigger than my Results

by Jamie Varnell

Book Ranking by Blogger: 4.0 Stars

I read this book at a time when I was hard pressed, highly motivated, and taking on the biggest challenge of my life. It was a steroid for me. I like people who dance on the edges and are willing to take body blows from the corduroy clad masses of hyper conservatism. Here is the catch. I failed. I failed big. I wasn't able to pull off the giant success I had envisioned. Most would look back on these pages with contempt or anger,... Read More

Book Review: Sun Stand Still (Steven Furtick)

by David Taylor Jr.

Book Ranking by Blogger: 5.0 Stars

"Sun Stand Still" by Stephen Furtick

by Chris Collins

Book Ranking by Blogger: 4.0 Stars

Snack of Choice: Cheerios. Unfortunately, not the Honey-nut kind. Cause the kids aren't supposed to have honey yet, blah blah blah. Eat them one at a time, they last longer... I mean much longer. Story behind the Story: Waterbrook Multnomah provided this book to me for review through the Blogging for Books program. Story Line: The tag line for "Sun Stands Still" reads, "What happens when you dare to ask God for the impossible?" It's... Read More

Sun stands still book review

by Joel Klampert

Book Ranking by Blogger: 4.0 Stars

I received this book to review over a year ago and have been slow to post a review of it. It might be because I am lazy, but it is also because I have read it multiple times. I have devoured it's content and even discussed it in a small group that I lead. This is one amazing book derived around the story in the bible where the sun actual did stand still because God responded to an audacious prayer. I have learned a lot through reading... Read More

You Will Believe

by Scott Szuch

Book Ranking by Blogger: 4.0 Stars

Despite the fact that I am somewhat of a Steven Furtick follower (in that I regularly listen to his church's sermon podcasts online) I initially read Sun Stand Still with a negative eye. I think I saw his repeated mentions in his sermons leading up to the book's release as self promoting, and I worried that the book might go to his head. None of that killed my curiosity to actually read the book, mind you, so I made it a review choice. The... Read More

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