The Healing Choice Guidebook

Move Beyond Betrayal

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The Healing Choice Guidebook by Susan Allen

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About This Book

A True Compass to Guide You Beyond the Devastation of Broken Trust. 
When you experience a betrayal of intimacy in your marriage—whether through your husband’s struggle with pornography or through outright infidelity—you need a wise and understanding counselor to guide you safely through raging storms of guilt, anger, bitterness, and resentment.
This powerful guide, a companion to The Healing Choice, walks you step by step through the process of personal healing, leading you to grow deeper in your relationship with God and equipping you to find healthy support in the company of other women who understand your pain.
You’ll discover how to…
· recognize your spouse’s emotional cycles and patterns of behavior—and your own
· sort through your emotions in healthy and effective ways
· gain deeper personal insights through the Bible and prayer
· engage in a support group in ways that encourage healing
· establish boundaries and ascertain whether it is safe to trust again and more.
Created by women who understand firsthand the devastation caused by sexual betrayal, this guidebook offers the practical help you need to move beyond your pain and find hope for genuine healing.

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