When Bad Christians Happen to Good People

Where We Have Failed Each Other and How to Reverse the Damage

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Taking Inventory

by Brandon Matthews

Book Ranking by Blogger: 4.0 Stars

As a representative of Christ it is good to take inventory of our lives from time to time so that we are aware of how we are representing Christ. Dave has written in such a way for us to see how at time the church can do more harm than we do good, all while wearing our Jesus Jersey.A great sober reminder that everyone has issues and it is the love of Christ that will show we are His disciples. Loving people regardless of their mess is what... Read More

When Bad Christians happen to good people review

by Evan Windham

Book Ranking by Blogger: 4.0 Stars

A must read for all Christians good or bad. It brought back memories of some legalistic churches I attended as a youth. I am using it for the Sunday school class I teach and having spirited discussions. God is so good! DISCLAIMER: I received an Advance Reader's Copy of the book "When Bad Christians Happen to Good People" by Dave Burchett from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers in exchange for a publicized review of the book. Read More

A Challenging but Necessary Exhortation

by Ethan Longhenry

Book Ranking by Blogger: 4.0 Stars

An excellent critique on many of the customs and practices of modern Evangelical Christianity, their incompatibility with the Gospel, and how they repel people from Christ. The author focuses on the judgmental environment present in many churches, how divisions are manifest, the many barely profitable (if at all) matters which Christians focus on as opposed to what is truly important, the disconnect between Christian profession and... Read More

When bad Christians...

by Howard Grimmenga

Book Ranking by Blogger: 5.0 Stars

I thought this was a great book! It is one thing for a pastor like myself to observe Christians acting badly towards one another and cringe. It is especially telling when a layperson is so aware of the effect of bad Christians not only on those who do not believe but on the church in general. Jesus calls us to love and it is supposed toi be that love that will help others see Jesus in us. Too often others do not experience the love of... Read More

Best Book Title EVER. Book's pretty good too!

by Daniel Cooley

Book Ranking by Blogger: 4.5 Stars

When Bad Christians Happen To Good People, written by Dave Burchett. The Good: The title of course is excellent. Dave does a good job writing in a conversational style with great humor. I highly recommend this book! However, if you are on the sensitive, legalistic end of Christianity you may not enjoy the humor as much as the rest of us. The Bad: When I was reading it, my complaint was that there just wasn't much meat in the book.... Read More

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