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All About Books

by Julie A

Book Ranking by Blogger: 4.5 Stars

I have lots of book related things rolling around in my head, but first let me tell you about the book I received for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for review purposes. This Little Prayer of Mine is a great book for teaching young children about praying. I love how kids' can learn from it that praying is more than just listing things you're thankful for. It touches on being thankful, but also points to how we can ask God... Read More

I've Found a New Kid's Book Worth Reading

by Dalyn Weller

Book Ranking by Blogger: 5.0 Stars

"With engaging rhymes and beautiful illustrations, This Little Prayer of Mine assures children that God is always near--watching, listening, caring, and eager to respond to their requests. They'll also learn that prayer isn't just about asking for things, but about sharing their feelings of sadness and uncertainty as well as of thanksgiving and joy. Most importanly, This Little Prayer of Mine reminds children--and those who love them--that... Read More

Are You There God? It's me...

by Elizabeth Towns

Book Ranking by Blogger: 4.0 Stars

"But most of all I'm grateful for your love that never ends," are the words next to the boldly illustrated children in Anthony DeStefano's This Little Prayer of Mine. How heartfelt is it when the issue of a child's heart is gratitude? DeStafano not only entertains our children, he also teaches them how to pray a simple prayer. When I review children's books, I look for a couple of elements that make them acceptable for my children. First,... Read More

This Little Prayer of Mine Book Review

by Tori Peterson

Book Ranking by Blogger: 5.0 Stars

In a world as unpredictable as the one we live in today it is ever most important to make sure our children have a relationship with God. I feel that this book helps us, as parents/guardians/grandparents, achieve that goal. I love reading this book to my children, and I am going to be recommending it to our church as well. The story is so simple, and yet so heartwarming. The lessons and examples are packed into such small phrases! I loved... Read More

Simple Book to Help a Child's Simple Faith

by Taunya Richards

Book Ranking by Blogger: 5.0 Stars

Our family has read this little book for the last week at bedtime. My youngest loves the pictures and the simple prayers to God. She relates to getting scared, being mixed up, feeling alone and being selfish. We've been working with her on being thankful for everything, so the thankful prayer has prompted her to add being thankful to her bedtime prayers. We both love the part about being the President (Thank you from a... Read More

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