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About A Moment of Weakness

Had they found each other again after all these years, only to lose everything that matters most?

As children, Jade Conner and Tanner Eastman were best friends—until scandal drove them apart. Then, one golden summer, they find each other again.  Through endless days they share their hearts and souls and dreams of forever.  Then, in a moment of weakness, they make a decision that will tear them apart for nearly a decade.

In their own separate corners of the country, Jade and Tanner have become fighters for religious freedom. Now Jade’s unfaithful husband is determined to destroy her in a custody battle that will rock the nation and shake people’s understanding of faith and freedom. Could Jade lose her only child because of her faith? Only one man can help her in her darkest hour. And only one old woman knows the secret about that summer and the truth that can set them all free.

About Karen Kingsbury

KAREN KINGSBURY is a USA Today and New York Times best-selling author, with nearly twenty million books in print.  Dubbed the "Queen of Christian Fiction" by Time magazine, Karen has written more than forty Life-Changing Drama, which encompasses the Redemption, Firstborn, and Sunrise series, as well as stand-alone novels such as Like Dandelion DustWhen Joy Came to Stay, and This Side of Heaven.  Karen and her husband, Don, live in the Pacific Northwest and are parents to six children, including three adopted from Haiti.  Visit her Web site at

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464 pages | Published by Multnomah

On Sale Date: Sep 29, 2015

Trim Size: 4-3/16 x 6-7/8

Carton Quantity: 24

By Amanda Talbert

This review is for the book "A Moment of Weakness" by Karen Kingsbury. This is the second book in her Forever Faithful series. I did not realize that this was a series or I would have started at the beginning. Fortunately, you do not need to read the first book in the series to love and enjoy this book. Jade Conner and Tanner Eastman were best friends until a family tragedy tore them apart. They found each other almost 10 years...

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By erica sandwall

I haven't read the primary book within the series however can to urge additional of a background of the characters within the book. there is perpetually love and family problems that require resolution. The characters are blemished and build mistakes rather like we have a tendency to neutralize the real world. however the message of affection, hope, and forgiveness is woven  through the pages of this book in such an attractive method that you...

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By Wanda Chamberlain

  A Moment of Weakness by Karen Kingsbury is a very good novel. It is book two in the Forever Faithful series. Karen really keeps you attention with her books.  Jade and Tanner grew up together and became fast friends. Tanner was always saying I will marry her one day. Family problems and Jade moved away and Tanner never knew what happened. His mother knew but she hated the Conner family.   So they grew up and just happened to find each other...

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By Ginny Blankenship

Jade and Tanner could love be any sweeter "that" summer?  And yet misunderstanding and misinformation leads to heartache.  Jade finds herself wed to another, a man less than ideal.  And yet......all hope is not lost when divorce and a nasty child custody case bring Jade and Tanner together again.I appreciate that Kingsbury addresses real life, less than perfect issues.  Even the "best" Christian makes bad choices in their life.  It is how...

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By Caroline Hawthorne

This is a great book dealing with mistakes some people make in life.  I enjoyed it because there are not many books that talk about these issues and show that Christians are not perfect and make mistakes and how God is still willing to forgive them time after time. I recommend this and any other book by Karen Kingsbury.

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