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The Seasons of God

How the Shifting Patterns of Your Life Reveal His Purposes for You

Richard Blackaby

Category: Prayer

About The Seasons of God

What season of life are you in?
Each of us goes through periods of life that have a certain character—a few months or a few years, good times or difficult circumstances, times of brilliant joy or periods of dark clouds. Often we say, “It’s just the season of life I’m in.”
But did you know that just as God has purposes for the seasons of nature, he also uses seasons in your life to grow you, work with you, and talk to you?
Richard Blackaby explains in The Seasons of God how understanding the principles of the seasons can offer us hope, direction, insight, and intimacy with God himself.  It’s a thoughtful exploration of God’s patterns at work in our lives—how His will is being carried out in the best way…at the best time.

Your plans, your relationships, your career, your ministry—all have their unique God-intended moment. God’s Word expresses it this way: “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.”
So what’s your season of life? And what is God telling you through the season you’re in?


Praise for Seasons of God

“Never! Now that’s a big statement. However, I have never heard a better Bible teacher than Richard Blackaby. To say that I am excited about this new book is the understatement of the new millennium! Read with anticipation
about the seasons of your life and be inspired to make the most of each.”
     — Johnny Hunt, senior pastor of First Baptist Church, Woodstock, GA

“Time is both one of the world’s greatest resources and one of the most misused. Blackaby does a masterful job in showing how God has given us seasons of life to make the most of the time we have.”
     — Will Graham, executive director of the Billy Graham Training Center

“God has uniquely gifted Richard with the ability to explain life in a way that is fascinating, enjoyable, and always eye-opening. This book will make you think. It will help you see God in everything from your crises to the mundane. Ultimately it will compel you to live your life with renewed fervency and joy.”
      —Henry T. Blackaby, author of Experiencing God

“This book is one of those rare finds. Not only does it bring fresh insight to familiar scriptures, but it is also practical. This is a concept that will immediately change the way you view your circumstances and will help you redefine your outlook. The Seasons of God is written out of a deep well of wisdom drawn from experience, by an author willing to be authentic and transparent in his communication.”
      — Jennifer Kennedy Dean, author of Live a Praying Life and executive director of the Praying Life Foundation
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“I have worked with Richard Blackaby for a number of years and have been impressed by his ability to use compelling stories and images to communicate profound truths. In this new book he expertly describes how our lives flow through seasons. I am impressed with how Richard explains life in ways you may never have considered before. But most importantly, he demonstrates how you can thrive in every stage of your life. This is one of those books that can change the way you think and live.” 
      — Dick Schultz, executive director of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (ret.) and executive director of the United States Olympic Committee (ret.)

“The ebb and flow of life has a rhythm, best lived in step with God as our Creator and Sustainer. Reading this book will help you find His pace for the current season of your life. God is constant, life is constantly changing, and our perspective on both must continually mature to fully experience His best.”
      — Jeff Iorg, president of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary

“In The Seasons of God, you will find yourself understanding in new ways why certain things work the way they do at certain times of life. Read this book slowly and keep it handy, because Blackaby gives a lot of theological, biblical, and practical understanding of how God works in every season. You’ll want to refer to it the next time the weather changes in your own life.”
      — Mike Glenn, author of The Gospel of Yes and senior pastor of Brentwood Baptist Church, Brentwood, TN

“In this helpful work Richard Blackaby coaches us all to see the seasons of our lives from God’s perspective and from that vantage point to anticipate the new things He might have in store. Richard draws inspiration and insight from his own personal pilgrimage shaped by the context of God’s living Word to produce a thoughtful blueprint for any stage of life. The Seasons of God will be a helpful book for those courageous enough to honestly follow God well in the next chapter of life.”
      — Jeff Christopherson, vice president of the North American Mission Board and author of Kingdom Matrix

“Sometimes we are so busy living the grind of daily life that we fail to step back and see things from a larger view. Knowing life comes in seasons can help us face those occasional hurricanes that seem to blast us off our path
and can help us enjoy the warmth of the good days. Read this book, whatever season you find yourself in. Take time to reflect, to be encouraged, and to press on.”
     — Alvin L. Reid, professor of evangelism and student ministry, Bailey Smith Chair of Evangelism, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

“With humor, wit, and wisdom, Richard Blackaby poses a most important question: Are you thriving or merely surviving in your current season of life? This book is rife with laughter, transparency, and spiritual insights. A refreshing, delightful read that, if taken to heart, could show us how to be truly happy in Jesus.”
      — Connie Cavanaugh, speaker and author of From Faking It to Finding Grace and Following God One Yes at a Time

“Whether you’re in hard times or good, old age or youth, this book is sure to comfort, encourage, and enlighten. It will help you understand where you’ve been, fully embrace where you are, and prepare you for where you’re going. Don’t allow another season to race by without experiencing all that God has in store for your life.”
      — Daniel Blackaby, author of When Worlds Collide and Legend of the Book Keeper Seasons of God.indd 3 7/5/12 4:09 PM

“The Seasons of God offers refreshing breezes for weary travelers journeying through life. Richard’s perspective will take followers of Christ to a deeper level of daily fulfillment and understanding of God’s heart for His people.”
       — Kimberly Sowell, founder of Kingdom Heart Ministries and author of Journey to Significance

“No matter what type of book you’re looking for—or for whatever area or stage of your life—you just found it. Read this book!” 
      — Rick Osborne, best-selling author and coauthor with Dr. Gary Chapman, Larry Burkett, and Dr. John Trent

About Richard Blackaby

Dr. RICHARD BLACKABY is a well-respected pastor, leader, popular speaker, and best-selling author. He has served as the president of Blackaby Ministries International since 2006. The son of renowned pastor and author Henry Blackaby, Richard provides biblical and personal perspectives in his books, including Experiencing God, Fresh Encounter, Hearing God’s Voice, Unlimiting God, Putting a Face on Grace, and Called to Be God’s Leader. He lives with his wife, Lisa, in Greenville, South Carolina. They are blessed with three full-grown children.

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272 pages | Published by Multnomah

On Sale Date: Aug 21, 2012

Trim Size: 5-3/16 x 8

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What season of life are you in?

Click here to download the first chapter of Seasons of God now.

Richard Blackaby explains in The Seasons of God how understanding the principles of the seasons can offer us hope, direction, insight, and intimacy with God himself.  It’s a thoughtful exploration of God’s patterns at work in our lives—how his will is being carried out in the best way…at the best time.

Click here to download the first chapter of Seasons of God now.

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The Seasons of God by Richard Blackaby is a book that examines the seasons of life, and how what we observe and experience in nature applies to our lives as well. The book covers each season, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter founded on Biblical principles and fleshed out with many life experiences drawn from both the Bible and the author. The book is divided in three sections â?" Embracing the Pattern, Embracing the Seasons, and...

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Right before I had my first baby, my mom gave me some simple and profound advice, â??"Remember, this is a season.â? Sheâ??s repeated that to me on several occasions since then and they are probably the wisest words any person has ever said to me. So, sleepless nights with a newborn . . . a season. Teething, potty training, sickness . . . just seasons. Feeling like I didnâ??t have as much time for Bible study and quiet times . . . still...

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