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The Perfect Love

Intensely Personal, Overflowing, Never Ending...

Ruth Myers

Category: Prayer

About The Perfect Love

WHERE CAN YOU FIND THE KIND OF LOVE YOU TRULY NEED? “If we want real love, ideal love, limitless love, God’s heart is where to find it. It’s the only love big enough to meet the God-sized needs of your
life.” --Ruth Myers

Most people–even those with a deep faith–fail to really grasp the incredibly deep and passionate love God has for them. Yet, while God’s love for us is beyond description, it doesn’t have to be beyond our experience.

In The Perfect Love, Ruth Myers helps uncover the surprising, quiet clues and expressions in Scripture of just how much God loves you. With the expressions of prayer and praise at the end of each chapter, you’ll learn to experience God’s love more deeply and return it more fully in worship. And you’ll welcome a new sense of
security, honor, and significance that comes from experiencing how God’s love — The Perfect Love–truly meets your deepest needs.

About Ruth Myers

RUTH MYERS and her husband, Warren, are on staff with the Navigators and have served as missionaries in Singapore for many years. In addition to her one-to-one ministry, Ruth is a popular conference speaker. She and Warren have co-authored numerous books, including 31 Days of Praise.

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320 pages | Published by WaterBrook

On Sale Date: Apr 20, 1999

Trim Size: 6 x 9

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By Katie Heine

I loved the title of this book, it was one of the reasons that I decided to check it out. She has chapters about how we are perfect in His Love through various different ways, such as: truly alive, secure, truly free and others. One of my favorite things that came from the book was that "The Lord can meet our every need because He is the God of perfect, overflowing love that has no limits." in chapter 2. Another quote from the book "If we...

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By Mary Kauffman

I read the book The Perfect Love by Ruth Myers. It was incredible. It highlights the love of God in a way that does not negate the importance of the holiness of God, which I have found to be a problem in many books about the love of God. It was written in a way that holds your attention well. This is a book I was able to pick up night after night and find something that I could learn from it. This book was not just written about the love...

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By Sharon Clark

I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Myersâ?? book, â??The Perfect Loveâ??. This book was like being wrapped in Godâ??s love each time I settled down and read in it. Even so, this isnâ??t light, frivolous reading. Godâ??s love is deep, powerful, and awesome. This book attempts to show us just how much so His love is all these things and so much more. Iâ??m sure she didnâ??t attempt or expect it to be an exhaustive study on the matter, but it is very...

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By India Estes

I love reading inspirational books and I think this was a great book. I would consider this book a â??"keeperâ?. I love to mark in my books and highlight things to remember and be able to go back to it to refresh my thinking. This book is filled with wisdom and grace. The journey that God took her through to be able to tell a beautiful story. Each page gave me something that I could take and apply in my life, whether just mentally or...

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By Stephanie Lancione

The theme of the book is about God's love and how perfect it is. There is no other love like it. It's a love that will transform your life from the inside out, but only if you accept it. I think Ruth does a great job illustrating this with personal stories from her life. I appreciate the fact that she is honest that you have to keep reading the Bible to discover more and more about God. Getting to know Him is a lifetime process but it's...

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