Breaking Free from Fear - Kay Arthur

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ISBN: 9780307729859

Release: 7.10.2012

Religion - Biblical Studies - Bible Study Guides

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Book Review: Breaking Free From Fear

by Nikole Hahn
October 11, 2012
4 Stars
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Breaking Free From Fear by Kay Arthur attempts to resolve the fear we all struggle with while attempting to adjust the studies around this culture's over-crowded schedule.

The study is meant to be a group study, but I reviewed it as an individual. Kay Arthur includes instructions to the leader on how to run the group. The first few studies were well-done, but on week two I became frustrated. The lessons weren't clearly separated except by week. For instance, week two, presumably day one ends on page 15 where day two begins. I would have liked to see each study beginning on its own page with clearly defined headings.

I loved how the scripture is pre-written in the margins. A person who forgets their Bible at home can read all the scripture referenced in the study in this book. There are lots of space between the discussion questions for people to write down their answers. In a group setting, I would enjoy this study. Individually, the organization seemed confusing and distracting. The scripture is separated by week only. I also wondered if there was a copy available for the individual without the leader's notes?

Kay Arthur wraps up each week with short explanations, getting to the gist of that weeks discussion. I chose not to continue doing my online study of this book. It was meant to be done in a group. If each week is supposed to be done in one setting, this book fails. In my experience, groups tend to run long no matter how great the facilitator.

Kay says in the instructions, "If necessary, you should feel free to spread out a lesson over more than one session." But if the series is called 40-minute Bible Studies and the table of contents has each lesson separated by week, not day, each lesson should not take more than 40-minutes. The study also advertises itself as a six-week study. One week for each meeting. Kay's instructions say not to assign homework because the questions should be answered together at the same time. Again, in my small group experience, there are too many questions for 40-minutes. In fact, there are too many questions in one week for one sitting.

I gave this study four stars for group work and three stars for individual. Kay Arthur has good information and is thorough with each study. I might join a group study for this, but not do this study individually.

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