Greater - Steven Furtick

Price: $19.99

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 9781601423252

Release: 9.4.2012

Religion - Christian Life - Spiritual Growth

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4.5 Stars
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Don't Be Great. Be Greater.

by Cameron Rebarchek
September 8, 2012
4.5 Stars
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I appreciate Steven Furtick. As a young pastor and author, he is able to bring along relevant applications and sound Scriptural teaching. Honestly, and unfortunately, that’s not common. In his newest book, “Greater,” he does it again. Through twelve chapters, Furtick takes a closer look at the life of Elisha as he calls us not to live a great life, but a greater life. As he mentions early in the book, “Jesus isn’t calling us to be greater than He is; He’s calling us to be greater with Him through His Spirit within us.”

This is not a self-help book. It’s not a book about becoming a better version of you. It’s not even a book about you. It’s a book about the power of God in our lives today. Greatness is something that we strive to attain and hold onto; Greater is something that we surrender and allow God to work in our lives. I appreciated the Scriptural basis for each chapter. These are not merely Furtick’s thoughts and opinions; they are rooted in Scripture. Each chapter has a fresh application and insight.

This book is for you:

If you are looking to grow in your walk with Christ. If you are looking to break out of the ordinary and mundane. If you are looking to live in today’s and not yesterday’s victories. If you are ready to live in the fullness of the life God has in store for you. Honestly, I would recommend this book for anybody. It is complete with discussion questions in the book for any small group setting. Apart from one section about “Digging Ditches,” it is unique, and yet a continuation, from his previous book Sun Stand Still. I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. Pick it up when you get the chance!

Please note that Waterbrook Multnomah gave me a free copy of this book for my honest opinion. I was in no way pressured to give a positive review of the above material.

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