Greater - Steven Furtick

Price: $19.99

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 9781601423252

Release: 9.4.2012

Religion - Christian Life - Spiritual Growth

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4.5 Stars
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Dream Bigger, Start Smaller

by Mike Winters
August 19, 2012
4.5 Stars
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To be honest, I didn't come into this book with incredibly high hopes. For quite some time the Christian bookstores have been flooded with "your best life now"s and self-help books, so when I came across a book talking about God having "greater" plans for your life, I was a little skeptical, but because it was Steven Furtick I gave it a shot.

After reading this book, I was certainly not disappointed. Steven Furtick, though his conversational, story-rich writing style is not the sort of book I typically read, knows how to handle the Scriptures well, and that certainly shines through in his ideas.

The core concept in this book is that God has a vision for your life that is "Greater" than the one you're likely living in right now, and Steven Furtick sets out to identify why that is and what we can do about it. One of the things I love the most is that in many books on this topic, you're given the vision that something greater is out there, but either settle for less, or dream big, and are left in both situations without a means to do much with the newly acquired information. Steven provides a great deal of practical application with the content and I would definitely say this book, as a quick read, is a helpful tool to igniting a greater vision in your life, as well as equipping you to flesh out what it looks like to get there.

There is a danger in modern Christianity, and life in general, to simply drift along, right about baseline, and show little to no tangible differences than anyone else. The truth is: the Bible calls us to a radical sort of living, a counter-cultural, self-denying lifestyle that should cause us to live and think much differently than the culture around us. I believe this book is a breath of life in the right direction towards fighting against a complacent, "wasted" christian life.

A complimentary copy of this book was provided for review purposes by Multnomah Publishing. I was not required to post a positive review and the views expressed in this review are my own.

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