The Fourth Fisherman - Joe Kissack

Price: $19.99

Format: Hardcover

ISBN: 9780307956279

Release: 3.13.2012

Religion - Christian Life - Inspirational

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4 Stars
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The Fourth Fisherman

by Danny Price
July 30, 2012
4 Stars
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Let me start by saying how much I enjoyed the story this book tells. I have read several other reviews in preparation for writing this review. I recognize many reviewers have valid points I will address later in my review.

The Fourth Fisherman tells two intertwined stories.

The first, a survival story, pulls together three men who survived for nine months at sea. They survived sharks, dehydration, and drifted from the western coast of Mexico all the way to Australia.

The second story carries just as much power. Joe Kissack pitched some of the greatest shows into syndication. He sported many of the extras born from success. The expensive cars, alcohol, and drugs only masked the emptiness lurking just below the surface.

Joe lays out his story of faith alongside the fisherman’s faith. As he comes to know Christ, Joe’s faith blossoms and gets inspired by the faith carrying the fisherman along. When the fisherman are finally rescued, they tell of how their faith sustained them. Amazing story of survival.

Five fisherman left when the boat took off from the harbor the day the fisherman’s journey started. The captain and a guy he brought along both died because they could not accept the help the other fisherman gave them. They could not accept the food they would be forced to eat and their behaviors could not change. Joe’s story stands in direct contrast to the captain’s story. Even though he was more privileged, he grabbed all the lifeline’s tossed to him.

Other reviewers have downed the mixing of the two stories. According to them, this book did not tell enough of the fisherman’s survival story. The writing contained in the book belongs to a first time author. While these other reviewers possess some valid points, I could not bear any more of the survival story. I heard about drinking turtles’ blood and I am OK with not knowing more.

I read this book and was inspired by the transformation of all four of the men. They now live their lives with a unique purpose. If you are looking for a faith pick me up, check out The Fourth Fisherman.

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