The Widow of Saunders Creek - Tracey Bateman

Price: $14.99

Format: Trade Paperback

ISBN: 9780307730442

Release: 5.8.2012

Fiction - Thrillers - Suspense

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Ghosts or God

by Juanita Nobles
July 21, 2012
5 Stars
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When I received this book, I was hesitant to read it. I don't believe in ghosts and thought this book might border on something against my beliefs. But I was wrong. This sweet romance by Tracey Bateman was so well-written, so up-to-date, and so entrancing, it was hard to put down. Bateman used modern euphonisms and language to introduce very old beliefs and ghosts and mediums. The narrative and dialogue hold the reader's interest all the way through.

Corrie, widow of Jarrod Saunders, comes to the Missouri Ozarks to live in the home her husband inherited before he was killed in Iraq. As Corrie works through her grief, she bonds with Eli, Jarrod's cousin, who is remodeling the old farmhouse. When unexplainable things begin to happen, like hairbrushes falling off the dresser, or pictures falling over and breaking the glass, or a rocking chair that suddenly begins rocking on its own, Corrie refuses to sleep in her bedroom because of the feeling that someone is there. She begins to think that Jarrod has come back to her, and she seeks answers from Eli and others in Jarrod's family. She discovers that some of Jarrod's relatives who live in the area believe in ghosts, and some are mediums. However, Eli tries to get her to see that God is not a part of this. She comes to realize that she abandoned God long ago.

As I read this book I was reminded of a verse by the apostle Paul, who wrote, "Your adversary, the devil, roams to and fro, seeking whom he devour." When we leave God out of our lives, the devil comes to tempt us, sometimes into the paranormal.

Read this book to find out whether Corrie gives in to the ghosts in the house or returns to the God of her childhood.

I received this book free from Waterbrook Multnomah free for my honest review.

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