The Pressure's Off - Larry Crabb

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Format: Trade Paperback

ISBN: 9780307730534

Release: 4.17.2012

Religion - Christian Life

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The Pressure's Off - My review

by Karl Dumas
July 4, 2012
5 Stars
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If you read and apply the lessons found in the book The Pressure’s Off (WaterBrook, 2002, 2012) by Larry Crabb, you should see a difference in the way you interact with God. You’ve probably heard that before, and then were given a bunch of rules to follow, things to do, prayers to pray, journals to keep, and constant reminders that if you would just do this, then God will bless you beyond anything you could imagine. I’ve tried a lot of those methods and systems, and they never worked for me. Maybe I didn’t do it right, maybe something else was going on, but they didn’t work. God didn’t reward my efforts. So I tried harder – and God still didn’t follow my rules. The job offers didn’t come, relationships soured, people died, I didn’t win the lottery. And I wondered why God wasn’t impressed enough with my efforts to reward me. Crabb calls that the ‘Old Way’ and suggests that it won’t work because we have things backward. He suggests that all of our good works may be an attempt to use God. But he offers an alternative. His ‘New Way’ suggests that we start by growing closer to God, and in doing so we may just find the answers that we’re looking for. It’s not an easy path to follow: we’re asked to give up control of our lives, to give up our idols (anything that comes between us and God) to turn them over to God, to grow closer to him, to follow his will, and as we grow in intimacy with God, our lives are transformed. It’s not what we do, but what God does that changes us. Crabb’s writing style is engaging, he uses many personal examples of how to reframe things from the ‘old way’ to the ‘new way’, and simple illustrations help the reader to understand the concepts. This updated edition contains a ‘workbook’ which should work well for individuals, accountability partners or small groups. I would recommend this book to anyone who is ready to move closer to God, and seek His will rather than just try to do enough to earn a blessing. 5 stars! I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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