How We Love Our Kids - Milan and Kay Yerkovich

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ISBN: 9780307729248

Release: 3.15.2011

Family & Relationships - Parenting

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4 Stars
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Simple, Easy to read & powerful!

by Aly Mallon
June 21, 2012
4 Stars
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I am a working mom to a 3.5 year old daughter and we're anticipating the adoption of premature twin boys who are almost 2... I've never read a parenting book! I'm a social worker by profession and therefore I understand a lot about development, communication and emotional needs... I was impressed by the "ease of use" that this book provided. If you're a parent and you find yourself having frustrating moments as you raise your children, check this book out!

As I began, I'll admit, I was skeptical because I thought, what could they really teach me that I don't already know... not a great attitude to start with... but that's where I was... critical eyes for sure!

You should know...This book requires active participation... it requires you to be willing to take a look at your childhood and the habits you have now... not in an overly therapeutic way... but in a way that allows you to see WHY you may doing some of the things that you're doing.. then it helps you to see HOW those things are impacting your own children...

As a Christian parent, I value biblical direction so I appreciated the way that scripture and biblical principles were weaved throughout but not the focus of the book.

The most valuable section for me was "Part 1: Helping yourself as a parent". Being able to do self assessments and to determine what kind of parent I am was very helpful. In addition to being able to identify which kind of parent I am, I appreciated all of the advice, ideas and ways to change that were specific to my natural approach at parenting.

This book is also loaded with practical advice and tips. A few of my favorite take aways were: 1. Examples of questions to ask your children depending on their specific age: With a baby- "Your crying tells Mommy that your'e not a happy girl. How can I help?" With a toddler- "I know you're mad because you can't have ice cream. Let's think of something else that ou want that you can have." With a preschooler-"I understand you're mad because you can't have ice cream, and that's okay, but you may not hit or throw a tantrum. If you're tired, we might need to take a rest, or sometimes a hug helps us to calm down when we're upset, would you like a hug? Yes or no is okay"

2.The practice of using "Soul Words" as a way to teach your children how to identify healthy emotion. I love the idea of making this a tradition and habit in my home... this practice will develop a child that can identify how they are feeling more easily... which makes dealing with emotions less difficult... instead of avoiding the discomfort of emotions!

Disclosure: I was provided this e-book for free from the publisher in exchange for my feedback. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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