Where Lilacs Still Bloom - Jane Kirkpatrick

Price: $14.99

Format: Trade Paperback

ISBN: 9781400074303

Release: 4.17.2012

Fiction - Historical

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4 Stars
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Great gardeners tale

by Heather Ring
June 19, 2012
4 Stars
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Where Lilacs Still Bloom Jane Kirkpatrick Water Brook Publishers April 2012

It started with an apple and the desire to see it larger and crisper. Hulda Klager dreamed of an apple that would better suit the needs of her family. When her father told her to follow her dreams, and that she was smart enough to hybridize an apple, she decided to listen. At first hiding her hybridizing from her husband, she realizes she cannot withhold her excitement as she bites into her first apple. Finding she has her whole families support, she begins to dabble in her flower garden and comes alive! Flowers are her passion. With her children at her side, she begins to construct a garden that craves admiration. After creating many new varieties of her flowers, she feels drawn to focus on her lilacs, more specifically creating a creamy white, 12 petaled lilac. Paying children from the community to help her, she soon has everything she needs to follow her heart. However, after tragedy strikes her family, she begins to wonder if her priorities are in the right place. Has she spent too much time tending her flowers and not enough with her children? But whenever she tries to give up her passion, her steadfast husband is there, encouraging, even sacrificing for her to continue. Making contacts in the horticulture world and gaining a following is something she never imagined, but she still worries. With the floods constantly threatening to ruin her work and what about the tragedy that seems to follow her, she wonders if God is telling her to change her course? In a garden full of love and dreams, this is true story of an amazing woman who changed history.

This would be a really great book for anyone who is passionate about gardening. This was not one of my personal favorite's by this author. As I do not yet have a garden, I was a little bored at some points in this book. However,I really enjoyed the story of Hulda, and would love to see her gardens. Some of the fictional characters, I didn't feel the need for in this story. But overall, true to this author's style, she did an excellent job with her history research, and I especially enjoyed the relationship she painted between Hulda and her husband.

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